How to Clip a Husky

Keep your husky looking good with just a few snips.
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The husky has a thick outer coat and a shorter undercoat that generally require minimal grooming, since they protect the husky from harmful UV rays and seasonal temperature extremes. However, since the husky sheds the undercoat once or twice a year, a few stray hairs may remain on the long, outer coat that require clipping with blunt shears.

Step 1

Wash and bathe your husky with a pet-friendly shampoo. After rinsing him until the water runs clear, towel-dry his entire body. Finish drying him with a blow-dryer on its lowest setting ,or allow him to air-dry. The important thing to clipping this dog is to start with a clean, dry coat.

Step 2

Brush your husky with a coat rake or shedding rake, working from the dog's rear to front, brushing in the opposite direction of the natural hair growth. The rake allows you to brush deep into the husky’s heavy coat. Remove any mats or tangles with a pick and your fingers, working from the ends toward the skin.

Step 3

Hold blunt shears in your dominant hand and pull the fur up with your free hand. Look for long hairs and trim them evenly with the shorter hairs. Do this from the top of the husky’s head to where his tail extends from his haunches. Stay away from his ears and tail.

Step 4

Comb or brush the husky’s coat down. Look for any stay hairs you missed. Trim them with the blunt shears.

Step 5

Let a professional trim the hair on your four-legged friend’s belly and the long hairs on your husky’s tail. All other grooming, such as the feet, muzzle and private area, should be referred to a professional groomer, too. Never have your husky shorn.

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