Do Cats Have to Be Quarantined to Enter Puerto Rico?

Taking Fluffy to Puerto Rico isn't all that complicated.
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Although Puerto Rico isn't a state in the U.S., it is considered to be a U.S. territory. If you go to Puerto Rico and want to take Fluffy with you, it's fairly simple to do. There are a few things you should know before you go.

Is Fluffy Allowed to Go to Puerto Rico?

Fluffy is welcome in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is not a state, but because it is a territory of the United States, taking your cat to Puerto Rico is much like taking her anywhere else within the U.S. In fact, many of the regulations you will encounter will be required by the airlines.

Will Fluffy Be Quarantined?

If you've done your homework and prepared for the trip, Fluffy won't have to spend time in quarantine. Puerto Rico doesn't quarantine healthy pets that have been vaccinated for rabies. The rabies vaccination must have been administered between 1 and 12 months before entering Puerto Rico. If Fluffy doesn't meet these guidelines, she may be refused entry. If that happens an authorized vet will be consulted to determine how to proceed (including, potentially, quarantining her).

What Else Will I Need to Take Fluffy With Me?

In addition to a current rabies vaccination, you should have Fluffy examined by your vet to make sure she's in good enough health to make the trip. Most airlines require a health certificate for all animals traveling by air that verifies they are healthy enough to fly. You will need to ask your vet for this form.

A Few Other Things to Do Before You Go

Make sure Fluffy is wearing a sturdy collar that has two ID tags. The tags should have a permanent phone number and address for you as well as contact information for you while you are traveling. Puerto Rico does not require that pets be microchipped; however, because collars and tags can get lost, it's a good idea to get Fluffy microchipped before you leave. Finally, it is always a good idea to communicate with the airline to learn of its individual requirements and discuss the potential impact of current weather conditions on Fluffy while she's traveling.

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