Cat Kennel Ideas

There are lots of options for cat kennels.
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A cat kennel is a great way to keep your cat or cats safe while outside. Indoor cat kennels can be used to contain sick or injured cats. You might also need a cat kennel if you will be remodeling, throwing a party or shampooing your rugs.

Small, Simple Kennel

A simple kennel can be made from two hard plastic pet carriers. Cut a hole through the floor of one of the carriers. Make the hole just big enough for your cat to get through. Stack that carrier on top of the other carrier and trace the location of the hole. Cut the hole in the roof of the other carrier so it matches the first hole. Either glue or bolt the two carriers together so one is on top of the other. Put the litter pan in the bottom carrier and a bed in the top one.

Furniture Kennel

For a larger and more attractive kennel, re-purpose an old curio cabinet or other large cabinet with doors. If the doors of the cabinet are solid, you will need to cut out a large window and screen it with chicken wire. To allow your cat to move freely through the entire cabinet, cut holes in alternating ends of the wooden shelves. Place the litter box on the bottom and toys and bedding throughout the rest of the cabinet.

New Construction

Whether you are building an outdoor kennel or an indoor one, the materials are the same. Really all you need is 12 pieces of lumber, 2-inch-by-2-inch or 2-inch-by-4-inch boards will work, plus 14-gauge chicken wire, small binder clips, wood staples and nails. For tools, a hammer, wire cutters and pliers will do the trick. You can have the hardware store cut your boards to size for you. Nail the boards together to make a frame, staple the chicken wire to the outside. Cut a square out of the chicken wire for a door. Cut a new piece of chicken wire to match the door size, so there aren't any sharp edges, and attach it on one side with some wire. Use binder clips to keep the door closed.

Re-Purposed Cages

There are many small animal cages that can be re-purposed into a cat kennel. Ferret and chinchilla cages are the easiest to re-purpose because they usually already have shelves and ramps. Large bird and parrot cages can also be easily re-purposed by adding shelves for cats to lounge on. Old dog crates and rabbit hutches can also be used in the same fashion. Just be sure that any added shelving is secured properly to prevent your cat from falling.

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