How to Build Cat Kennels & Cages

If your cat gets sick, you may need to keep him in a kennel so he gets enough rest.
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Cats are self-sufficient creatures and can generally be allowed to roam free throughout the home. At times, however, it may be necessary to confine your cat for either health or behavioral reasons. If your cat develops a problem with incontinence, for example, or if you have people over who are allergic to cats, you may end up needing a cat cage or kennel. Because these items can be fairly expensive, many cat owners prefer to make their own cat cages and kennels. Not only does this option save money, it allows you to customize the size and shape of the kennel.

Step 1

Cut four pieces of 1-by-2-inch hardwood to a length of 24 inches using a circular saw. Cut four more pieces of 1-by-2-inch hardwood to a length of 12 inches. You will use these boards to construct the frame for your cat kennel.

Step 2

Arrange the eight pieces of hardwood you just cut into two identical rectangular frames, sandwiching two of the 12-inch pieces between the ends of two pairs of 24-inch pieces. Construct the frames with the wood pieces lying flat on the ground on their 1-inch edges.

Step 3

Use a nail gun to drive nails through the outside of the 24-inch pieces of hardwood into the thickness of the 12-inch pieces to secure them in place. When finished, the pieces will form two identical rectangular frames.

Step 4

Cut four more pieces of 1-by-2-inch hardwood to a length of 12 inches and stand one of these pieces upright in each corner on one of the rectangular frames you just constructed. Align the 2-inch edges of the upright boards with the front and back edges of the frame.

Step 5

Drive nails from the nail gun at a downward angle through the upright boards into the frame. This technique is called toenailing.

Step 6

Set the other rectangular frame on top of the four upright boards you just attached and align the edges. Drive nails from the nail gun at a downward angle through the rectangular frame into the upright boards to secure them.

Step 7

Construct the door for your cat kennel by cutting two 14-inch pieces of 1-by-2-inch hardwood and two 12-inch pieces. Arrange the boards in a rectangular shape, laying the boards flat on their 2-inch sides and sandwiching the shorter pieces between the ends of the longer pieces. Use nails from the nail gun to secure the frame.

Step 8

Cut a piece of 1/2-inch plywood to the dimensions 14-by-24-inches using the circular saw. Lay the piece of plywood flat on top of the kennel frame, aligning the edges.

Step 9

Drive nails from the nail gun down through the plywood into the frame. Flip the kennel over so the plywood becomes the floor of the kennel.

Step 10

Wrap wire mesh around the two sides and the back of the completed kennel frame, securing it in place using a staple gun. Cut a piece of mesh to size to cover the top of the kennel and cut an additional piece for the door. Place staples every 2 inches along the wooden frame to attach the mesh.

Step 11

Hold the kennel door upright against the kennel frame so the edges of the door frame lie flat against the open front of the kennel. Screw two metal hinges into the left side of the door frame, screwing the other half of each hinge into the kennel frame.

Step 12

Screw a metal latch into the right side of the door frame so you will be able to latch the door to keep your cat inside.

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