Bathing & Grooming a Maltese-Poodle Mix

The Maltipoo needs frequent grooming to keep mats away.
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Take the playful cuteness of a Maltese and combine it with the curly hair and intelligence of the poodle and you have a Maltipoo. This hybrid pooch offers a playful personality wrapped in a coat that can range from scruffy to curly and come in a wide variety of colors.

Step 1

Brush your Maltipoo regularly to keep mats and tangles at bay. Use a pin or slicker brush to go through his coat daily and remove any tangles or loose hair that may conspire to form mats. Spritz the hair with a detangling spray first, as this helps prevent static buildup or breakage. Use plenty of the spray to wet any mats you may find, then use the edge of a comb or a mat ripper to break up and remove the clump.

Step 2

Clean his tears with a washcloth or cotton ball. Your Maltipoo may develop dark tear stains under his eyes and along his cheeks from the discharge that collects in the corners of his peepers. Use a water-damp cotton ball or gentle washcloth to wipe away this goop daily before it stains. Retail stores sell a tear remover product for those stubborn stains that just won't wipe away. Read the instructions thoroughly and be careful around your pup's eyes.

Step 3

Bathe your Maltipoo as needed to keep his coat clean. Bath time frequency suggestions range from once a month to once a week, but you can find a schedule that works for you and your pup. Thoroughly brush him before bathing to remove any would-be mats, as once a mat gets wet it becomes near impossible to remove without cutting it out. Wet him completely with warm water, running your hands over his body to help the water penetrate to his skin. Massage a gentle shampoo into his coat, then rinse. Apply a conditioner to help prevent tangles and rinse again. Keep rinsing until you're sure you've removed all the shampoo and conditioner residue, as any leftover can irritate his skin once dry.

Step 4

Dry your pooch thoroughly and give him another brushing. Rubbing with a towel can tangle his hair so squeeze the excess moisture out instead. Use a hair dryer on a low-heat setting to dry him the rest of the way, brushing him with a pin brush as you go. Work in sections, keep the hair dryer moving and make sure the section you're on is completely dry and brushed through before moving on.

Step 5

Check his ears once a week for signs of irritation or problems. Your Maltipoo's ears don't exactly promote good air-flow and trapped moisture could cause infections. Flip his ear over and check for redness, swelling or unusual odor. Wipe them out using a commercial ear cleaner or water-dampened cotton ball to remove excess ear wax and other dirt. Only wipe out the part of the ear you can see, as delving too deeply into your pooch's ear could cause him injury.

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