Bathing a Great Pyrenees

The cotton-ball quality of your Great Pyrenees' coat might make you think baths are a chore, but that's not the case. The Great Pyrenees' coat releases dirt easily, meaning a simple brushing can clean a dingy coat. Brush often enough and a bath will be a rare occurrence.

Brush your Pyrenees before bath time to remove loose hair. Not only will the water penetrate his coat better, it will also lower the risk of a hair clog in your drain.

Soak your dog completely. Because the Great Pyrenees' coat repels dirt and water, this could take a while. Make sure to get both his coarse top coat and his thick undercoat saturated.

Apply dog shampoo and massage it into his thick coat. Work the lather all the way down to his skin and keep your hands moving to make sure you get through all the hair.

Rinse thoroughly to remove all the shampoo. Keep your fingers moving to get the water down to his skin and get through his thick double coat. When you're sure you've removed all the shampoo, rinse again. Even though you can't see suds, shampoo residue is still there.

Dry your Pyrenees thoroughly with towels or a hair dryer on a low setting. Take extra care to dry around and inside his ears using a soft towel or cotton balls, as moisture can get trapped in them and cause irritation or infection. Brush him once he's dry.

Items you will need

  • Dog shampoo
  • Brush and comb
  • Towels
  • Cotton balls


  • Use a high-quality dog shampoo to preserve the natural oils in your Great Pyrenees' coat and skin.
  • Put collected hair shed by your Pyrenees outside for birds to line their nests with.
  • Place cotton balls in your Pyrenees' ears to prevent water or shampoo from getting in, and dry them thoroughly after the bath.


  • Do not clip your Pyrenees' hair short in warmer weather. His thick coat protects him from the sun and insulates him from high temperatures.
  • If you show your Pyrenees, his bathing and grooming routine will be much more intensive.

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