The Average Weight of the Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat is often adored for its elegant appearance.
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The Russian Blue is a refined and dainty cat breed that is often prized for its soft, bluish-gray coat coloring. Apart from color, the breed is also frequently appreciated for its typically delicate build and frame. Many of the breed's cuties weigh in at less than 10 pounds.

Russian Blue Background Information

The Russian Blue breed is a slim and flexible one that is often appreciated for its distinctive coat coloring and vivid green eyes. Russian Blue cats possess a grayish fur with prominent blue overtones, as its name indicates. The feline type, which hails from the northern reaches of Russia, also is frequently called "Archangel Cat" due to its roots in the city of Arkhangelsk.

Average Weight

On average, Russian Blue kitties weigh in somewhere between 7 and 12 pounds. However, not all Russian Blues are built exactly the same, with some weighing under 7 pounds and others even tipping the scales at more than 12 pounds. As with most other creatures living on the planet, diet and physical exercise both have a lot to with a cat's weight.


If the typical weight of a Russian Blue cat is a determining factor for you, then length may be, as well. These smaller cats' bodies are usually around 24 inches long, although as with weight, the figure also varies greatly depending on the individual.

Exercise and Feeding

Keeping your Russian Blue physically fit is the key to maintaining not only a healthy weight, but a healthy life in general. Although the breed doesn't require especially high levels of exercise when compared to some others, regular physical activity still is an absolute must. The Cat Fanciers' Association notes that Russian Blue felines often show their owners how to play "fetch," an activity that not only utilizes their razor-sharp brains, but also helps give them some classic, old fashioned exercise.

A Russian Blue's weight also depends on her diet. Speak to your veterinarian about putting together a nutritionally sound and balanced meal plan for a cat -- perhaps one that includes plenty of taurine, water, minerals and vitamins.

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