What Types of Cats Have Blue Eyes?

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If you're looking for a blue-eyed feline to share your heart and home, you've got plenty of breeds to choose from. If blue peepers are your primary criteria, decide whether important secondary traits include hair length, active or mellow personality and coat shade. You'll find the right blue-eyed furbaby.


Probably the best known of the blue-eyed breeds, many other cat breeds owe their blue eyes to Siamese ancestors. Siamese cats come in a variety of color points, of which the best known may be the seal point. This is the classic cream or white body with dark brown tail, legs, ears and face. Other colors include chocolate point, a lighter brown; blue point, a light gray body with dark grey points; and lilac point, a white body with light purplish points. Siamese are quite vocal.


Originally a cross between the Siamese and Persian, the Himalayan has the color points and blue eyes of his Siamese ancestry with the long hair and calm temperament of the Persian. If you want a cat with Siamese ancestry who doesn't overdo it in the meowing department, the Himalayan is a good choice. They do require daily brushing for mat prevention.


Originally called long-haired Siamese, Balinese cats are now a separate breed. Named by an early breeder for graceful Balinese dancers, Balinese come in the same color points as their feline ancestors, along with the blue eyes. They're friendly, curious cats who love their people and get along with kids and other pets. Like the Siamese, they meow a lot -- uh, they're very talkative.


Named for the tendency to be as cuddly as a ragdoll, this blue-eyed breed was developed especially for its gentle nature. Ragdolls have soft fur much like a bunny's, with minimal shedding. They're a large cat, but slow to mature. Ragdolls don't reach full size until the age of 3 or 4. They are strictly indoor cats. The ability or desire to defend himself has pretty much been bred out of the ragdoll.


Snowshoe cats have Siamese-type coloring with blue eyes. They have white feet, hence the name. Their faces are also white. They're sweet, affectionate cats who need the company of people or other pets. Most snowshoes are fairly laid-back felines.


Closely related to the Siamese and Balinese, the blue-eyed Javanese breed standard allows the same color points, along with lynx, cream, tortoiseshell and red points. In some registries, the breed is known as the Colorpoint Shorthair, but Javanese has a much nice ring to it, don't you think? These cats have no connection with Java outside of early breeders' imaginations.


Semi-long haired Birman cats are available in 20 different shades to accent their blue eyes, so there's sure to be one that captures your fancy. The standard also includes white mittens on the front feet and white leggings on the hind legs.

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