Lifespan of a Siberian Cat

The Siberian cat, unsurprisingly, is native to frosty Siberia.
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If you're a staunch admirer of devoted, regal and semi-long-haired cats, then the Siberian may be exactly your kind of feline. When considering what type of kitty to bring into your home, a little knowledge of a breed's typical life expectancy might be helpful in making your final decision.

About the Siberian

The Siberian, as its name indicates, originates in the Siberia part of Russia. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, the domestic breed has an extensive past that goes back for a whole millennium -- minimum. Siberian cats are a relatively new introduction to the United States, having officially emerged in the nation in 1990. The robust, medium-sized breed is also relatively hard to find and acquire for interested potential owners.


Although it always depends on the individual feline, Siberian cats often have a lifespan ranging from about 10 to 18 years in age. However, how long a Siberian kitty lives is determined by many diverse factors, from individual health circumstances to diet. Some Siberians may surpass 18 years old, while others might not even make it to 10, unfortunately. Remember, all cats are made differently.

Health Problems

Certain cat breeds possess genetic dispositions to certain types of ailments that can shorten their average lifespans. Although Siberians as a breed are usually very healthy, sturdy and tough, one medical issue that sometimes is associated with it is called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The heart disease triggers the heart cells to increase in size, and ultimately decreasing the flow of blood. Some Siberians might be more prone to this condition than cats of other breeds.

Physical Fitness

A Siberian cat's level of physical exercise can also affect his lifespan. If you decide to bring one of these fluff balls into your home, it's up to you to make sure that he stays as fit as a fiddle -- for as long as possible. Daily exercise is a must, whether you encourage your kitty to run after a laser pointer or play fetch, a la canine style. The more physically fit and active a Siberian stays, the lower the risk of obesity and other potentially lifespan-reducing diseases -- think diabetes, for example.

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