How to Get Your Yorkie to Stop Biting

Yorkies don't tend to bite if they are socialized and trained properly.
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Yorkies are an aggressive and territorial breed, and they have been known to bite if they're not trained properly. You need to establish dominance with your Yorkie at a young age, find out why he is biting and take the proper steps to adjust his poor behavior.

Step 1

Socialize your Yorkie with other dogs and people often. Yorkies tend to get aggressive and sometimes snap at strangers or other dogs if they're not properly socialized. Take your pup to the dog park and spend a lot of time with him. A Yorkie that is used to being around a lot of people and other dogs won't bite those who aren't harming him. Show your Yorkie that you are the pack leader by being firm and consistent in your training.

Step 2

Find out what is causing your pet's biting. Yorkies are a territorial breed, and they often bite because they don't want someone or another dog near their toys, treats or dog bed. Command your pet to sit or lay down while you put his food, a treat or toy on the floor. Make sure he stays away from the item until you tell him it's OK to approach and enjoy it. If you're feeding another pet at the same time, command your Yorkie to sit or lay down while the other dog eats, then feed him. Don't let your kids or guests bother your Yorkie while he's eating, dogs instinctively protect their food from being eaten by others.

Step 3

Make sure your guests know any spots on your Yorkie's body that may be in pain. If your pup is old or has health problems, he may have pain in a particular area of his body. Make sure your kids and guests don't touch him in those areas. Refrain from startling or sneaking up on your Yorkie, and don't let your kids harass him if he's sleeping or not interested in play. Any dog will snap at someone if he is being bothered or pushed beyond his limits, so make sure everyone knows how to properly treat your pet.

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