How to Get a Puppy to Stop Being Jealous

Including your puppy in all the fun can eliminate jealousy issues.

Including your puppy in all the fun can eliminate jealousy issues.

If your puppy is green with envy each time you hold your baby, kiss your partner or give attention to another pet, correct his behavior before he develops destructive habits. Reassure your furry friend that he's still No. 1 and no one can take his place in the family.

Jealous of Another Dog

Provide your jealous puppy and the other dog with their own toys, and separate feeding and sleeping areas. Avoid giving your puppy's toys and bedding to the other dog, because this will worsen his jealousy. Treat both dogs the same -- avoid favoritism.

Take your jealous puppy and the other dog for a walk so they're tired and relaxed before you start working on their relationship.

Position your jealous puppy at a distance from the other dog so they're still able to see each other. Command your jealous pet companion to "sit" and "stay," and give him a dog treat when he obeys.

Walk to the envied dog and pet him for about 10 seconds. Avoid petting him too long, because your jealous puppy won't like seeing this -- gradually get him to warm up to you petting the other dog.

Walk to your jealous puppy and verbally praise him, pet him and give him a treat for staying put. Repeat this exercise multiple times. Gradually lengthen the duration that you pet the envied dog, and slowly move your pet companions closer toward each other. Keep rewarding and praising your jealous puppy so he starts associating you petting the other dog with getting praised. The other dog will also realize he can spend time with you even with the jealous puppy nearby.

Jealous of Baby or Partner

Prepare your puppy for the arrival of the new baby. Before bringing the baby home, have him sleep next to a baby blanket that has your baby's scent on it, or play a recording of your baby's sounds. Familiarizing him with your baby's scent and sounds will make him feel less threatened.

Maintain your puppy's normal routine as much as you can. You don't want him to think he's getting less attention because of your new partner or the arrival of a baby. Walk him, play with him and feed him as you did before the addition. Make time for him -- if you can't, have another family member spend time with your puppy so he doesn't feel neglected.

Involve your jealous puppy in your baby's life. When you hold your baby, have your puppy sit next to you and pet and praise him for his good behavior. When you go for a walk with the baby, leash your pet companion and take him along for the fun. Avoid excluding him from activities that you do with your baby so he doesn't end up resenting your bundle of joy.

Tell your partner to spend time with your puppy if your pet companion envies him. Have him regularly walk your puppy, play with your puppy and give him treats. Tell him to invite your puppy on the couch to cuddle and watch television with both of you. Over time your jealous pet companion will start liking your partner and look forward to him being around.

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