How to Get a Yorkie to Go From Potty Pads to Outside Permanently

You want me to do what on the lawn?
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Potty pads are convenient but for various reasons from cost to clean up, some people decide to adjust their Yorkie's potty focus from pads in the house to the lawn outside. Don't be concerned that your little terrier won't make the transition. She's a smart girl who can be retrained.

Step 1

Place your Yorkie's potty pad by the door that you want her to go out of when she has to go potty. Leave the pad by the door for three or four days and allow your pup to use it at will.

Step 2

Monitor your Yorkie more closely after the potty pad has been by the door for about four days. Catch her heading for the potty pad and take her outside before she has a chance to use the pad.

Step 3

Set your Yorkie on the grass or other area where you want to encourage her to potty when you take her outside.

Step 4

Give your Yorkie plenty of time to actually do the deed when you take her out. She may have pottying on her mind when she heads for the pad, but you could interrupt her train of thought when you scoop her up and whisk her outside. She might need to sniff around a bit before she remembers what she wanted to do.

Step 5

Move the potty pad outdoors to the spot you'd like your Yorkie to use if you find that she's particularly OCD about her pad. Once Yorkshire terriers pass two months of age they tend to want to continue using whatever type of surface they were potty trained on. Take the pad outside to encourage your pooch to associate the area with the urge.

Step 6

Praise your Yorkie when she "goes" in the appropriate place. Be lavish with your kudos and offer her a treat as well.

Step 7

Continue watching your Yorkie carefully as the days pass to encourage consistency. At first watch her so you can run when she goes for the pad. As she catches on to your agenda she'll start letting you know when she needs to go out. This can take up to a week or more. Be attentive to her behavior and be aware of the change in her actions and her signals.

Step 8

Take your Yorkie outside for one last potty of the night at the same time every evening whether she's indicated she has to go or not. This will get her in the habit of relieving herself before bedtime. If she doesn't sleep through the night and needs to wee sometime in the wee hours, take her outside then, too. That will keep things consistent for your dog and reinforce what you've been teaching her.

Step 9

Remove the pad from its location by the door when your Yorkie starts letting you know she has to potty.

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