Does a Yorkie Need a Coat?

Coats on Yorkies are more than a fashion statement -- they're warm, too.
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You'd think with his long, flowing hair your Yorkie wouldn't need a coat. His impressively long locks should serve a purpose other than making him look fabulous, but they're not exactly thermal underwear. Get your Yorkie a coat for cold weather -- it'll be more than just a fashion statement.

For Cooler Temps

Your Yorkie's coat is longer than it is thick. He lacks the undercoat that some dogs have that insulate them from the cold. Plus, tiny dogs like your Yorkshire terrier lose their body heat faster than big dogs. If you and your Yorkie live in a climate that sees seasonal cool temps, your little guy will appreciate a coat to help keep him warm.

How Cool is Cool?

You could be wondering what constitutes a cooler temperature that would require suiting up your Yorkie in his winter finery. You can bet that if the temperature is cold enough to make you shiver, it is definitely too cold for your little pooch. Rather than watching for the thermometer to hit a certain low, watch your dog for signs that he's uncomfortable. If he's shaking or bundles himself into a tight little ball, he's cold. That's a good time to put his coat on him and maybe nudge the thermostat up a few degrees to keep him from catching a chill.

Buy or Make

Just one trip to the pet supply shop is enough to see that there's no shortage of clothing for dogs of all sizes, including your Yorkie. He will take to wearing coats and sweaters happily, mostly for the warmth they provide but you might notice that your little guy enjoys being dressed. You don't have to spend the kids' inheritance on outfits for the dog, though. Yorkies are so small that coats, sweaters and sweatshirts can be fashioned from your cast-off clothing, no sewing required. Just measure your Yorkie's back from his neck to his tail then cut the same length off the sleeve of an old sweater or sweatshirt. Snip some armholes in it three or four inches below the cuff, which can serve as a cozy turtleneck. Make sure that your Yorkie's new coat is close-fitting enough to keep him warm, but not so tight around his neck that it makes him uncomfortable or interferes with his breathing.

Other Cold Weather Comforts

In addition to providing your little pooch with a coat or two during cold weather, you should provide him with a place to get up off the floor. A bed that is elevated even an inch or two and placed in a draft-free area will give him a place to retreat from the cold floor. Put a warm blanket in his bed, too, so he can burrow under it or bunch it up into a comfy nest when he's feeling chilled.

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