The Best Way to Brush a Yorkie

Yorkies need daily brushing to have healthy coats.
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Yorkies require daily brushing. The Yorkie's coat can be kept long or trimmed to a shorter length that is easier to maintain. Most Yorkies are kept in a shorter puppy cut for this reason. Brush the silky, fine Yorkie coat daily to keep it free from mats and tangles.

The Right Equipment

Start with the proper tools to brush and groom your Yorkie's coat. Keep a spray bottle filled with water or diluted conditioner made for dogs. A soft or medium pin brush designed for dogs is essential to do the job. You also should have a wide-tooth comb to help remove tangles.

Grooming Training

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Train your Yorkie to stand for his daily brushing during a period of several days to a week. Place a towel on a firm table or other solid surface at a good height for you to groom. Make the brushing process fun for your pup with some treats that you use just for grooming.

The first time you put your Yorkie on the table, praise him and give him a treat or two. Hold him gently to encourage him to stand. When he does, even briefly, praise and treat him. Run your hands over his body so he becomes accustomed to being handled while he's on the table. Do this a few times a day until he learns to stand on the table, using treats and praise for each step.

Never leave your Yorkie unattended on the table.

Brushing 101

Before you begin brushing, run your hands through the pup's coat to check for mats or tangles. Gently loosen any tangles with your fingers before combing them through with a wide-tooth comb. Problem tangles can be sprayed with conditioner to help loosen them.

Next, spray your dog's coat with water or leave-in dog conditioner. This can be diluted with water for regular use to avoid buildup in the dog's hair. Never brush your Yorkie's coat dry, because brushing can break the hair.

Start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the body, making sure each section is smooth with no tangles. Be sure to brush under the dog's legs where they meet his body. Mats frequently form there.

Make Brushing Easier

Yorkies need to be bathed at least every two weeks. Use a shampoo designed for Yorkie coats and a conditioner after bathing to keep it soft and tangle-free. Keeping a Yorkie clean will make brushing easier.

Whether you keep a Yorkie's coat short or long, he will need regular trimming every six to eight weeks. Look for a grooming professional who is familiar with Yorkies to do this. Regular, daily brushing will keep your Yorkie's coat in shape so trips to the groomer are less stressful for him.

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