Greyhound Grooming

Greyhounds are easy to groom thanks to their short coats.
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Greyhounds are a "permanent pressed" type of dog, the Golden State Greyhound Adoption says, since these "wash and wear" dogs require little in the way of regular grooming. Greyhounds have short, thin coats that are easy to care for and will require only occasional basic maintenance in many cases.

Bathing Greyhounds

Greyhounds don't require baths as frequently as their longer-haired counterparts since they do not retain typical "doggy odor." Generally, a bath every two to three months will suffice. Bay Area Greyhounds advises a gentle formula shampoo formulated especially for canines. If you wish to use a flea and tick shampoo, be sure the active ingredient is Pyrethrin, which is safe for greyhounds.

Brushing Greyhounds

Although greyhounds are usually minimal shedders, regular brushing will keep the dog's coat in the best condition and virtually eliminate shedding. One or two times weekly, brush through the dog's coat using a soft-bristle brush. A hound glove, a cloth glove that features flexible rubber bristles, can also be used to brush the dog. Regular brushing will pull dead hair away and can help keep the dog clean between baths.

Caring for Teeth

Greyhound teeth will stay in good condition with regular at-home brushing. Pet owners should brush greyhound teeth using a soft-bristle toothbrush a minimum of three times weekly. Ideally, the dog's teeth should be brushed daily to help avoid tartar and plaque. Use toothpaste specially formulated for dogs, never human toothpaste.

Caring for Nails

Greyhound nails are long and can grow very quickly, so they should be trimmed or sanded with a Dremel tool at least once per month. Some greyhound owners are comfortable with clipping the dog's nails while others prefer to take the dog to a vet or professional groomer for this; either way is acceptable as long as the dog's nails are kept at a length allowing the dog to walk and move comfortably.

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