Are Vegetables Okay for Boston Terriers?

Vegetables can provide healthy snacks for your Boston terrier.
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Like their human owners, Boston terriers enjoy a varied diet. Their short digestive tracts are designed to be able to ingest a wide variety of organic matter including meats, fruits and vegetables. Your Boston will enjoy the crisp texture of raw vegetables served as a snack or chopped cook veggies mixed with food.

Safe Vegetables

Your Boston terrier can enjoy a wide variety of vegetables on his food or fed out of your hand. Chop, shred or grate veggies according to your dog's preference. Try small bits until you discover which your dog likes. You can safely feed your Boston terrier cooked and peeled potatoes or sweet potatoes. Other veggies can be served raw or cooked, such as carrots, broccoli, celery, spinach, sweet red bell peppers, cucumbers, raw cabbage and green beans.

Veggies to Avoid

While a small amount of garlic powder sprinkled on your Boston terrier's food will not hurt him, even a small amount of raw clove garlic, onion or chives can upset his stomach and, in large amounts, can cause a condition known as hemolytic anemia, bursting red blood cells. Uncooked potatoes, potato peelings, tomatoes and mushrooms can cause severe diarrhea. Avocados contain a substance called persin, with even small amounts causing abdominal swelling, labored breathing, fluid around the heart sac and sometimes death.

Veggie Treats

Make your Boston terrier healthy dog treats from veggies baked in a 250-degree oven or dried in a food dehydrator. Slice carrots, sweet potatoes or peeled potatoes and baste them with low-sodium beef broth before dehydrating for an extra tasty treat. Cook carrots or green beans in beef broth, cool and cut into cubes for small training treats. Broccoli and cauliflower can be served steamed or baked to a crunchy nugget-like treat.

Homemade Dog Food

You can be sure you know what is going into your Boston terrier's system by making your own dog food at home. Veggies can be added to a blend of cooked oatmeal and brown rice mixed through with chopped liver and other ground meat such as chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. Cook veggies and chop finely before stirring into the mix. You can add a powdered supplement, cottage cheese, yogurt or eggs for a complete high-nutrient meal.

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