Types of Bland Treats for Dogs

Bland treats can include cottage cheese or chicken.
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Treat time is one of the highlights of your dog's day. Your buddy may be in need of a bland alternative when it comes to his much loved treats if he's experiencing an illness or upset tummy. If he's feeling under the weather, you can offer him a mild alternative.

Cottage Cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese may be a delight to a dog's eyes and palate when he's in need of something bland to snack on. Cottage cheese can be mixed with chicken or rice for a regular meal when your dog needs a bland diet, but for a small treat, a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese can make for a tasty mid-day treat.

Boiled Chicken or Turkey

Dogs thrive on a diet that mainly consists of meat because they are carnivorous animals. Veggies, fruits and grains also can be a healthy part of a dog's diet, but meat is the main staple that keeps them active and healthy. The website WellVet recommends taking the meat you feed your dog and mixing it with water and boiling until it is medium to medium-well. Ground meat can work well for bland diets.


Eggs are bursting with protein that your furry pal needs. They are bland enough that they won't upset his stomach and at the same time, they provide loads of vitamins and minerals. Egg yolk is full of biotin, which will help keep his coat shiny and healthy. If you're making scrambled eggs for breakfast, save a little for Max. He will enjoy the treat while getting a healthy dose of protein.

Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin -- not raw -- can be a delightful treat that will help calm a dog's upset tummy. A tablespoon can be given as a treat or mixed in with mealtime. Depending on your dog's weight, more than one tablespoon can be given. One tablespoon for a 40-pound dog is recommended by the website Borderstan. Pumpkin is loaded with beta-carotene, antioxidants. Pumpkin also has calming properties and that can sooth your dog's stomach and digestive woes by reducing nausea.

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