The Type of Person That Likes Cats

Are cats your four-legged best friends?
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It is often said that there are two different types of people: cat lovers and dog lovers. After all, the furry creatures possess totally different temperaments, with cats traditionally seen as more independent and dogs seen as more friendly. Find out if you are, indeed, a cat person!

Busy People

If you live a hectic, chaotic and on-the-go lifestyle, you may be a cat lover at heart. Although cats, like any pets, do require care and attention, they are usually significantly more low-maintenance than dogs. Since cats use litter boxes, they don't call for outdoor walks several times a day -- very unlike their canine counterparts. If you have time to regularly clean the litter box and then snuggle up to your kitty at night, you're probably good to go!

Lonely People

If you live by yourself and have a tendency to get lonely, what could be more comforting than the calm and serene presence of a cat? If you're feeling a little blue, stroking your cat's coat and cuddling up with her may be able to go a long way in easing your feelings of angst.

Quiet People

Although there are definitely exceptions to the rule, you may enjoy the company of cats if you're a quiet and contemplative type. Very noisy cats do exist -- think Siamese -- but meows are usually a lot quieter than barks. Cats are famously considered to be self-sufficient animals, so if you function well on a lot of "alone time," you may get along with fluffy felines swimmingly!

Stressed Out People

Life can be demanding and stressful, whether you're a stay-at-home mother or the manager of a bustling downtown restaurant. Cute cats can help you unwind and release tension at the end of the day -- whether through play time together or cuddling up as a happy pair in front of the television.

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