What Is the Personality of a Russian Blue Cat?

Russian blues are smart, sensitive and affectionate cats who can adapt to a variety of living situations. If you enjoy being owned by a kitty who will return your love and sometimes challenge your intellect, you might find a Russian blue to be the ideal companion.

A Loving Friend

Russian blues are renowned for quickly making themselves a vital part of your family, and they often become especially close to one person. Your kitty might be shy at first, but once he gets comfortable, you won’t find a more loving, devoted friend. This breed often picks up on people’s emotions, so if you’ve had a bad day, your cat might try to make you laugh or provide some snuggles. Of course, he’ll expect you to return his love wholeheartedly and bow to his will.

An Intelligent Companion

Russian blues tend to be very smart and good at problem-solving. Your cat might watch you closely to find out where you stash the treats and toys, and then figure out how to open the doors, cabinets or drawers that stand between her and what she wants. These kitties love learning and respond well to gentle training.

A Cautious Observer

Russian blues can be shy when you first meet them, and most will hold back to check out new people, pets and situations. Given the time and space to become comfortable, they usually do well with other pets and even with kids. If you and partner are away from home a lot, your cat might enjoy having another companion, either a fellow Russian blue or another kitty.

An Ideal Roommate

While Russian blues are intelligent, playful and sometimes stubborn, they’re also fairly mellow and can live contentedly in an apartment or condo. They prefer calm, clean homes with minimal chaos. Your cat shouldn’t get bored or destructive when you leave her alone, especially if you provide a scratching post and a spot by a window, and she’ll probably greet you with enthusiasm when you return. Although she might not talk much on her own, if you want to have a good chat with her, she’s likely to oblige.

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