How to Get Two Puppies to Calm Down

Too much energy can be draining -- for you.
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Puppies are usually bundles of energy, which can be adorable -- until it starts driving you crazy. One puppy alone can be tiring, but having two might seem like never-ending chaos. If you're ready for some peace and quiet, it's time to calm the furry ones down.

Step 1

Get them more excited than they usually are -- but only for a little while. Although that might sound like the exact opposite of what you want, the truth is that puppies naturally have a lot of energy. Rather than trying to stifle down that energy, make them spend it. Take them out to the yard and make them run circles, play catch or tug-of-war, or simply roll around with them on the grass until they're exhausted. By the time you're done with them, they'll probably be ready for a nap.

Step 2

Separate the puppies for a while. It's possible that they're feeding off each other's energy -- making it impossible for them to calm while they're together. Just put them in separate rooms for a while or send them to their kennels. If possible, send a person to spend time with each puppy, rather than locking them alone in a separate room. Sharing time with somebody will allow them to calm down without feeling like they're being punished for just being puppies.

Step 3

Give each puppy his own supplies. If the excitement is over a toy they're sharing or if they're rolling on top of each other on the same bed, give them space. By letting them have their own stuff, you're also giving them the opportunity to be on their own, rather than always having to "fight" over things -- which can make them even more hyper.

Step 4

Grab a puppy and have somebody else grab the other. Or sit down on the floor and put both of them between your legs if you're alone in the house. Pick a room or an area that's devoid of distractions, without fun toys or great chewing sticks all around you. Talk to the puppies in a soft voice, scratch their ears or have them lie down -- as much as they'll stay in that position -- and rub their bellies. This might help them relax and even make them sleepy, if you're lucky.

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