How to Keep a Siberian Husky From Digging Holes

A tired Siberian husky is not a destructive Siberian husky.

A tired Siberian husky is not a destructive Siberian husky.

Siberian huskies are known for being a high-energy breed that can get destructive if not trained correctly. Your husky digs because of his natural instinct to make a shelter and hide his food in the wild. You can deter him from his desire to dig by distracting him with other activities and keeping an eye on him in the yard.

Exercise your Siberian husky often. Huskies love to be outside and they seek strenuous physical activity. Spend a lot of time with your husky, wearing him out with physical and mental activity. Take him running, to the dog park or even have him pull you on a bike or sled. If your husky doesn't get enough daily exercise, he's very likely to get destructive, and most huskies' go-to destructive activity is digging.

Take a toy or treats with you when you take your husky to the backyard. You want to teach your husky that the backyard is for activities other than digging. Play with your pet or work on obedience training commands while you're out there. If you play with your dog or train him every time he goes in the backyard, he will stop thinking the yard is a place for digging and start thinking that it is a place for playing or training.

Find out if your husky is digging for other reasons. Huskies have a strong prey drive, and they want to hunt and seek out scents whenever they find them. If your husky is hunting rodents or animals that burrow in your yard, he'll dig and dig until he finds them. Safely remove these animals from your yard to stop him from digging for them. If you leave your pup outside when it's too hot or cold, he may dig to cool himself off or find a more comfortable shelter. Build a doghouse to give your pup a comfortable place to lie when he's outside, and never leave him out there in extreme conditions.

Items you will need

  • Dog toy
  • Treats


  • Cover up holes your husky already dug in the yard, so they don't trigger his memory to dig there.

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