What Tricks Can You Teach to Parson Russell Terriers?

The Parson Russell terrier enjoys being challenged mentally and physically.
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The Parson Russell terrier is an energetic and intelligent dog who can be a joy to own with the right attitude. Spend time every day exercising him. This is a dog who will lap up training for tricks if you have the right attitude and an adequate amount of time.


The Rev. John Russell in 19th century England created the Parson Russell terrier breed. Russell also was known as "the sporting Parson" because of his passion for fox hunting. It was the Parson Russell terrier's job to follow the fox into the hole and chase it out for the huntsmen. After Russell died, however, many of the Parson Russell terriers were crossed with other breeds. Today, the American Kennel Club has recognized the original Parson Russell terrier bloodline.


The Parson Russell terrier is a feisty dog with a strong personality. It's necessary to exercise him on a regular basis. The successful owner is one who can take charge of this small dog with firm kindness. Parson Russell terriers were bred as as working dogs. If not given some kind of task or training each day, they may find "jobs" of their own that you may not like.


The Parson Russell terrier is a bundle of energy that can be overwhelming to some, but it's crucial to begin training from the beginning. Start off by teaching him to sit, lie down, stay and come. You may want to consider a basic obedience class before moving on to training tricks. From there, try teaching him to shake with his paw, roll over or sit up on his hind legs.

Earthdog and Agility

Because they were bred to work, many Parson Russell terriers excel at sports such as earthdog trials. These are events that require your dog to go underground to track the "quarry," usually a rat. This may be a way of channeling his desire to dig holes in the backyard. Agility training is also an excellent way to challenge the energetic Parson Russell terrier. Jumping, running through tunnels and weaves will exercise his body and his mind.

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