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Pomeranians possess a keen mind, a knack for picking up new behaviors and a spitfire personality. While they often act like big dogs, in all reality, they're 3- to 7-pound balls of fluff. Due to his diminutive size, when it comes to training, your pup may fill up on treats long before either of you is ready to end the session. Picking the right training snack for your Pomeranian not only can allow you to extend sessions, but can provide added nutrition to your dog's diet.

Dog Food

When it comes to the perfect training treats you may need to look no further than your dog's regular kibble. Small breed kibble is designed specifically for tiny mouths and the small pieces of kibble are easy for your Pomeranian to pick up, eat quickly and digest. When using your dog's meal as training treats, you don't need to fear weight gain, digestive upset or refusal. A hungry dog works for food! To add a little more oomph to plain kibble, place the kibble in a microwave safe container and drop a hot dog on top of the kibble. Nuke it for 10-15 seconds and then give the container a good shake. Now your plain kibble smells like a hot dog and will be higher value.

If your Pomeranian doesn't quite do back flips for her kibble, dog trainers use a substance they call "puppy crack" for training. Made by Natural Balance, puppy crack comes in a roll, and is a complete and balanced diet. It can be diced into tiny pieces for training, mixed in with kibble or simply broken off into chunks. Keep the pieces small, pea-sized or smaller, so your pom doesn't fill up before you're ready to end the session.

People Food

People food makes an excellent training snack. Cut a hot dog into quarters and dice it, dice string cheese, cut a boiled egg into minute pieces, or use Cheerios or Fruit Loops. Some dogs really enjoy carrots and green beans, while others go nuts for a small piece of apple. Explore a little and find foods your Pomeranian really enjoys. Only share people food with your pup during training sessions and avoid dangerous foods, like onions, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins and chocolate.

Dog Treats

There are multiple treats manufactured specifically to be extremely tasty, easy to break into small pieces and useful for training. Freeze-dried liver, meat jerky and other soft, easily chewed treats are excellent options. Specific brands include Zuke's, ZiwiPeaks and Halo. Remember that you may need to cut treats into halves or quarters so your little guy can gulp them down easily.

Lickable Treats

Lickable treats are excellent for diva dogs who spend too much time chewing treats, looking for treats or making a mess with treats. While you can purchase lickable treats at the store, they're simple to make at home. Carry a can of Cheese Whiz and allow your pup to lick a bit off the end. Swirl a spoon through a jar of peanut butter, freeze the spoon and present the spoon when your Pomeranian has earned a reward. Any substance that stays on a spoon and freezes well can be used, including yogurt, Greek yogurt or canned dog food.

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