How to Train a Puppy to Cuddle and Chill

Puppies can learn to enjoy being cuddled.
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Puppies are fun, and their chewing, growling and running away are all very sweet. As your puppy grows these traits can make it a challenge to enjoy your pet, and may even lead to biting. Working with your pup while he's young ensures he will grow into a reliable pet.

Step 1

Pick your puppy up and put him on your lap on a regular basis. Choose a time when he is relatively calm -- no fair scooping him up as he is running circles through the house.

Step 2

Rub his head and back, talking in a soothing voice. Most puppies will calm down and enjoy this attention.

Step 3

Hug your pup, leaning over top of him and cuddling him. If he is resistant, gently restrain him, but don't correct him or talk in a harsh tone of voice. That, combined with holding him, can be scary to a young dog.

Step 4

Repeat this procedure multiple times each day, until your puppy looks forward to the attention. Take this time to rub his face, legs and feet. Getting him used to you touching him anywhere makes it much easier to treat any health problems that may develop later.

Step 5

Extend the length of time you expect him to sit with you gradually. Initially, a quick hug and pat may be all he is interested in, but soon, you may find he dozes off in your lap while you're cuddling him.

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