How to Train a Hyper Disobedient Dog

With patience, your high-energy dog can learn to listen.
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High-energy dogs often have trouble concentrating. They are not ignoring you out of willfulness, but because surplus energy makes it difficult to focus on you and do what you ask. By finding ways to focus his energy and get his attention, you will find him much more trainable.

Step 1

Take your dog on daily walks. These are a time to bond with your dog as well as provide exercise. While you shouldn't expect him to walk perfectly at your side on a loose leash for these walks, you also shouldn't let him lunge or pull at you while walking.

Step 2

Play active games with your dog every day. Fetch and hide and seek are two games that use up a lot of energy. If you don't have a safe, fenced area to play, invest in a long tracking lead so your dog can stretch out and run.

Step 3

Provide access to other dogs. Hyper, disobedient action can be the result of anxiety. Playing with other dogs allows him to work off steam in a way he is not able to with humans. Assuming he gets along well with other dogs, make regular visits to a local dog park or arrange play dates with a friend who has a dog.

Step 4

Work on obedience exercises with your dog. The recall, sit and down are all easy to teach and help your dog learn to listen to you. Break training sessions into 10-minute blocks, two or three times a day. Make sure your pup has had plenty of exercise time before working on obedience.

Step 5

Reward your dog with treats, pats and positive verbal cues. Frequent rewards not only help your pet understand when he is doing what you want him, it also trains him to focus his attention on you.

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