Temporary Fencing for Dogs

Picket fencing sections can be installed temporarily using freestanding posts.
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If you’ve just moved into a home and need to erect fencing quickly to keep your dogs safe, temporary fencing will give you time to figure out what you need to do in the long term. For tenants in rental homes, the fencing can relocate with you when you leave.

Picket Fencing

Wooden or vinyl picket fencing is effective for keeping small dogs or older, calm dogs contained, but doesn’t work for powerful, energetic dogs who might push it over. The fencing comes in prefabricated sections that can be installed quickly by planting a few mainstay fence posts. Alternatively, buy freestanding fence posts with heavy bases, and simply hammer a couple of well-spaced nails through each fence section and into the posts, or if the posts have brackets just slot the panels into them. If installed correctly, this type of fencing can be permanent if your dog is not an escape artist.

Invisible Fence

The invisible fence for dogs is a favorite with pet owners, especially tenants who don’t want to incur any major expenses in the rental properties. Wireless fences use radio waves to create a perimeter a certain distance around a central base station mounted inside the home, and you can use them on lots of up to 25 acres in size. The dog wears a collar that is tuned to the same wavelength, and if she moves outside the perimeter, the collar delivers a corrective action, such as a buzz or a gentle electrical shock. The fences can be temporary or permanent and are portable, but are not considered completely reliable because they often develop interference from fluctuating signals or metal roofs and walls.

Plastic Fence

Plastic fencing sections are lightweight, flexible and easy to install as a temporary measure. Buy them at most hardware stores and attach them to any existing upright structure using a piece of rope. They come in pressure treated wooden lattice and white vinyl lattice, with varying sizes of apertures for privacy. Cut them to size using a handsaw, and install them for more permanent use by adding fence posts or fastening them to the wall of a building.

Mesh Fencing

Temporary pool fencing works well to keep your dog out of the pool enclosure, and it’s removable when you want to open up the space. Fence posts that fit into tiny holes in the ground support the fencing sections, and the black polyester mesh is made finely to prevent dogs being able to claw their way up and climb over the fence. The mesh fencing is tough, transparent, and easy to install and remove.

Event Fencing

Event and crowd control fencing, such as sport panels, makes an excellent temporary enclosure for big dogs. The panels are heavy and can’t be pushed over easily. They are simple to install and remain upright without support. The disadvantage is that this type of fencing is difficult to obtain and expensive to buy, because it is made primarily for commercial use at festivals and sporting events. If you are interested in buying old sections of event fencing, however, contact event management companies to find out if they have any for sale.

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