How to Tell Sexes of African Gray Parrots

Determine the gender of your African gray.
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Determining the gender of your African gray parrot is pretty simple, although if you intend to breed or show your bird you will need DNA sexing done by a veterinarian. Sexing on your own should not be done until your bird is at least 18 months old.

Step 1

Grasp the bird firmly in your hand and flip him over so that you have a clear view of the underside of his tail feathers.

Step 2

Look closely at the undertail covert feathers. These are the smaller feathers directly under the tail feathers.

Step 3

Look for gray edging on the ends of the red feather. If gray edging is seen, your bird is a female. Male birds will either have solid red feathers or white edging at the ends of the feathers.

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