How to Teach a Doberman to Kiss

The doberman loves to give kisses.

The doberman loves to give kisses.

Teaching your doberman to kiss is the easiest trick in the book. The doberman is such a naturally lovey dog that your face is soaked before you've even given the kissing command. This super-smart breed will be kissing on command by the end of the day.

Wait for your dobe to lick you. If your dobe is like most of this breed, he is probably waiting for you to leave the computer so he can share some kisses. As your dobe licks you, create a new command. “Kiss me,” “kissey-poo,” “love me” or whatever you choose. Be creative. Give him a treat just for giving kisses.

Smear a teaspoon of peanut butter on your cheek. Sit next to your dobe and let him get a whiff of the peanut butter. Before he goes for the lick, say your new command. As he kisses your cheek, enthusiastically give verbal praise. The peanut butter is the reward so no additional treats are necessary.

Stop using peanut butter. Once your doberman catches on to the kiss command, stop using the peanut butter and only give the command. Enthusiastically praise your dog verbally each time he kisses your cheek. Continue to practice the new trick regularly.

Items you will need

  • Peanut butter
  • Treats


  • Point to your cheek while saying the kiss command. Your dobe will recognize the non-verbal cue as an invitation to give kisses.
  • If you feel accidental nibbles while he licks the peanut butter from you face, yelp “ouch” in a high-pitched voice and turn away from your doberman. Ignore him for one minute before allowing him to lick the peanut butter. This teaches your doberman to be more gentle with his kisses.


  • Do not allow your doberman to kiss your mouth. Roundworm and bacterial infections, such as leptospirosis, cryptosporidia and campylobacter can be transmitted to humans, according to Purdue University. Children, immunosuppressed individuals and the elderly are at the highest risk for transmission. Consider the high-bacteria content of the areas your doberman licks when he's not kissing you.

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