Strange Behavior in Huskies

Gotta love all those irresistible husky antics.
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If Tundra's behavior has left you puzzled, it may not be time to call a doggie psychologist yet; certain strange husky behaviors can actually be the norm for the breed. Siberian huskies can be real characters and you can't blame them for the occasional behavioral quirk.

Kennel Fever

Kenneling for too long is counterproductive with a breed like the husky. If your husky starts acting odd, refusing food and developing diarrhea upon being kenneled, chances are he's getting the psychological condition known as kennel fever. With a history of traveling great distances through snow and ice, you can't blame this breed for getting restless and dreading prolonged confinement. Consult your vet to rule out other possible medical problems and seek an alternative to kenneling, such as doggy day-care or a petsitter.

Houdini Magic

Don't let your guard down: Siberian huskies have the power of making Harry Houdini look like a dime store magician, according to the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida. Your husky may have you blinking in disbelief and scratching your head as you wonder how in the world he was capable of squeezing himself through the smallest hole or chewing himself out of a tie-out. Even the electric fence won't hold up with these intelligent fellows. As their owners say, "Where there's a husky, there's a way."

Catlike Behaviors

At first glance huskies and cats look like totally different beings, yet those who get to know huskies well report many odd similarities. For starters, the husky breed is fastidiously clean. You'll find it quite intriguing to watch huskies lick and groom themselves just as a puddy tat does. As an added bonus, this breed's coat lacks that distinct doggy odor many people dislike. Secondly, this breed is free-spirited, quite independent and can sometimes be a finicky eater too.

Lousy Guardians

With this breed's fierce, wolfish looks, you would expect huskies to make excellent guard dogs; instead, turns out they're the sweetest social butterflies. Your husky most likely won't bark and snarl at people coming into your property; he's more likely to invite a thief for a movie and some popcorn. As odd as this behavior may sound, the predisposition for making poor guardians stems from this breed's strong pack drive and very gregarious nature.

Abnormal Behaviors

Of course, like any other dog, your husky may develop abnormal behaviors requiring professional intervention. Because this breed was selectively bred to perform on small amounts of food, passing up a meal here and there is not unheard of in this breed; however, see your vet if your husky goes off his food, especially if he starts acting lethargic. From a behavioral standpoint, consider that behavioral problems in this breed often stem from lack of exercise, loneliness and boredom.

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