How to Stop Your Puppy From Going Under the Couch

Doggie making your life difficult by hiding out under the couch?
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Doggie using the couch as his not-so-secret hideaway? Unless you have a powerful reason to get him out, let him stay there. And if everything else fails, you can always buy a new couch that sits closer to the ground.

Step 1

Fill out the area under the sofa. Get some thin storage boxes, the kind people usually place under the bed. Fill them with something heavy --so the puppy can't push them around to make space for himself-- or use them to store out-of-season blankets or holiday decor.

Step 2

Give doggie a different hiding place. A nice carrier lined up with a soft blanket might help. Or what about an indoor dog house? You can even get special dog houses that are shaped like cubes with one side cut open so dogs can slide inside. Make the place comfy and dark, and chances are your puppy will start going there on his own.

Step 3

Figure out what makes your puppy go running for the safety of the couch. Is he playing or hiding because he's scared? Helping him deal with his fears or anxiety will solve the root of the problem so he doesn't feel the need to hide anymore. Pet him, hold him or hand out a treat when you think he's about to run for cover. Distracting him from the trigger activity might be enough to make him forget about the couch.

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