How to Stop a Puppy From Eating Cat Litter

Puppies are notorious for eating a variety of gross things, with cat litter ranking as one of the foulest inappropriate snacks. Eating cat litter is not only disgusting, it’s also extremely unhealthy. Puppies that eat litter also eat feces, which can spread a host of diseases and parasites.

Step 1

Take the puppy out for frequent exercise. Many puppies eat cat litter out of boredom, and more exercise stimulates the puppy’s mind and body. Walk the puppy twice a day, throw his favorite ball in the yard, and take him to the dog park to burn off energy.

Step 2

Set the litter box on a tall object, such as a washing machine. This puts the litter box far out of the puppy’s reach while still allowing the cat to use it as often as necessary. Place an old bath mat under the box to catch stray litter.

Step 3

Fence off the litter box with a baby gate. Place the box in a quiet room such as the laundry room, and install a tall baby gate in the doorway. Baby gates keep curious puppies out while allowing your cat to jump in and use the litter box.

Step 4

Spray the cat box with bitter apple spray. Bitter apple is a non-toxic spray designed to stop puppies from chewing on inappropriate objects. The spray has a pungent odor that will drive away curious puppies, preventing them from snacking in the cat box.

Step 5

Trade your open cat box for an enclosed litter box. These boxes have large lids with small openings that allow your cat to come and go as she pleases while keeping out larger animals. Place the box in a low-traffic area to allow your cat to adjust to her new potty area.

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