How to Stop a Male Dog From Marking at a Female Dog's House

Don't give him time to make his move.
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All dogs mark, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. If your little stud can't resist marking at the same lady pooch's house on every walk, though, you can take steps to make sure he gives that old, familiar yard a break from his daily watering.

Step 1

Get him neutered. That may sound extreme, but it's typically for the best, especially as far as marking goes. Male marking goes down by more than 80 percent once neutered, and 40 percent of neutered dogs stop marking altogether. Marking to get the attention of a female, or to claim her and her property as his own, will go way down after you get him fixed and get those hormones in check.

Step 2

Change your walking route. Prevention is foolproof, so simply don't go past the house where your dog can't resist marking. If that's a hassle, simply change the route a little bit so you pass the house later in your walk, after your dog has burned off some energy and depleted his resources -- so to speak.

Step 3

Watch the little guy carefully when you pass by the target house. Issue commands so he keeps up the pace, and don't allow him to mark in the yard. When he shows the signs that he's thinking about it, like intently sniffing around and going for the leg lift, give him a stern "no" command, followed by a "come" command. And, of course, always praise him for following orders.

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