How to Stop Dogs From Going on Your Lawn

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If the neighboring dogs keep leaving "presents" in your yard, it's time to do something about it. Keeping dogs away is easier than you think, especially if you're willing to put some work -- and some ingenuity -- into it.

Step 1

Start with a physical barrier if possible. If dogs are just wandering into your property, it's probably because they can. Fencing in the yard should solve that problem, as dogs are unlikely to climb or jump over a fence -- they're much more likely to just go find another lawn. A basic wood fence would do, or go with a chain link fence or some tall prickly bushes.

Step 2

Create a liquid fence. Use a product that deters pets -- or use vinegar, ammonia, or red pepper mixed with water -- to spray around your property. This works better if you only have a few access areas to your lawn, such as a broken gate or a gap in the fence. Otherwise, you might just go crazy spraying all around your property. Reapply after rain.

Step 3

Replace your current sprinklers with motion-activated ones. Now every time a dog -- and a cat, squirrel or raccoon -- steps into your yard, the sprinklers will go off, hopefully giving the intruder the scare of his life. You might want to deactivate them at night, when you're more likely to receive visits from lots of nocturnal critters -- unless you don't mind the high water bill.

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