Remedy for Dull Hair Coat in Cats

A dull coat can bring a kitty cat down.
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Gleaming and delightful to the touch, your cat's coat is a sign of good grooming and her internal health. When your kitty cat's coat loses its luster, remedies are in order to correct this dull condition and get your pussy pal healthy, shiny and back on the cat walk.

Premium Food For Shiny Fur

For healthy hair and skin, your cat friend needs a healthy diet. She needs more protein than a dog does, along with plenty of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to maintain that spectacular coat. A kibble diet low in fat content or one that consists of generic, poor quality foods will result in a dull, poor quality coat. The veterinarian sources at WebMD suggest switching to a premium brand of veterinarian-recommended cat food when this condition exists. In your shiny cat coat quest you might also consider veterinarian-approved fish oil food supplements that are loaded with fur flattering fatty acids.

Weight Control and Exercise

A pleasantly plump, seemingly lazy cat may have an embarrassing case of dandruff running down the center of her back and around the base of her tail. This may be a sign that she is unable to reach and groom these areas because she is overweight. Flexibility aside, this extra weight puts a kitty at risk for many chronic health problems, including high blood pressure and diabetes. These conditions often show themselves first in the form of a dull, dry coat and low energy level. If your cat is overweight and showing these outward signs, a visit to your veterinarian is in order. A veterinarian-recommended low-calorie diet and an active playtime regimen will help restore the luster in her coat and reduce the threat of serious health conditions.

Brushing Her Old Coat

If a cat is normally as sleek as a seal and on a nutritious diet, but is too old to comfortably clean herself, the end game will be a dull coat. This places her shiny coat literally in your hands. Brushing your senior cat regularly will bring that old shine back and provide a daily bonding routine you will fondly recall someday.

Easy On The Baths

Frequent cat baths will dry your cat's skin and dull her coat. Cat shampoos made to control human allergies to cat dander and combat flea infestation are often overused and counterproductive. Frequently bathing your feline friend for dander is a short term fix and less effective than allergy medications, hand washing and a well vacuumed house. And monthly flea treatments are normally a more effective solution to flea problems and may save your pussycat's skin and fur coat. WebMD recommends bathing only when her coat is extra grimy, excessively nasty and extremely necessary. When you must bathe your dirty kitty, finish her off with a safe, organic conditioning rinse made specifically for cats.

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