Do You Stimulate Kittens to Go to the Bathroom Before or After They Eat?

Kittens can't do much on their own, including going to the bathroom.

Kittens can't do much on their own, including going to the bathroom.

Until a kitten is about a month old, his mother stimulates him to go to the bathroom. If his mother isn't around, then, stimulation is your responsibility, or he can't go. Stimulating before and after he eats ensures healthy digestion, so get comfortable before feeding time.

Soak a soft, clean rag in warm water and use it to massage your kitten's nether regions. Do this right before feeding time, and be delicate. Massage him for about one minute.

Pet your kitten gently after feeding time, but be careful around his tummy, which is slightly engorged after a meal. While mother cats stimulate going to the bathroom after a meal, they also groom the rest of the kitten, so show it a little tenderness to keep it calm. You should wait about 15 minutes after feeding before you stimulate him to go to the bathroom again, so keep him comfortable and occupied by petting him.

Dip a new rag in a bowl of clean, warm water and massage the kitten again. Rub it slowly and gently on the areas where he excretes. Just like you did before feeding time, you should massage him for about one minute, or until he eliminates -- whichever comes first.

Wipe the kitten's backside with a dry cloth to clean up any lingering mess.

Items you will need

  • Clean rags
  • Bowl of warm water


  • Kittens should be fed every two to three hours, and should be urinating just as often.
  • Your kitten can start litter training when it is three to four weeks old.

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