What Does Squawking Mean With Parakeets?

Within the parrot world, parakeets are comparatively silent.
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Certain varieties of parrots can be rather noisy creatures, although parakeets are usually not in that category. Most parakeets are on the quieter side, but that doesn't mean they're not susceptible to the occasional bout of extremely loud squawking or screaming. Yikes -- cover your poor ears, pronto.

Fear and Annoyance

A parakeet's squawking may indicate fear or annoyance. Perhaps your parakeet doesn't feel like leaving his cage at the moment and is indicating to you through squawking to back off. He may be frightened about something at the moment, whether it's another person in the room, an animal, loud noises or anything other perceived potential threat. Noise can be a major stress factor for parakeets.


Inordinate levels of squawking also points to a parakeet that has been injured or is ill in some way. He may be suffering from a bout of tummy distress. If your parakeet's squawking is especially persistent, make an appointment with the veterinarian immediately.

Wanting Attention

Your pet parakeet may squawk simply as a way of getting attention from you. Perhaps your sweet birdie just wants you to talk to him. He may be feeling bored and looking for a little excitement or entertainment. Maybe he is expecting mealtime, or yummy seed ball treats. In any case, a parakeet who is squawking nonstop probably won't cease until you head in his direction if not until you give him what he wants. To get a handle on this problematic and noisy behavior, lavish attention on your bird only when he is silent and well-behaved.

Joie de Vivre

Another reason for squawking, more prevalent in other parrots than in parakeets, is to express the joy of life. Sometimes when all is right in his world, even a caged bird can't keep his happiness to himself. Aww. Joyous squawking is common in many types of birds, especially cockatoos and Amazons. Noisy vocalization may be obnoxious, but you can smile knowing that someone -- your ruckus-causing parakeet -- is feeling pretty good at the moment.

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