What Does It Mean When Your Parakeet Chirps a Lot?

Chirping is often the sign of a happy little birdie.
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The chirping of a parakeet definitely falls in the categories of sweet and pleasant -- if you're in the mood for it. If you own a chirp-happy parakeet and you're concerned something might be wrong, breathe easy. Chirping typically signifies a calm and relaxed if not joyous little parrot.

Enthusiastic Greeting

If you enter your parakeet's vicinity and he starts chirping up a storm, it may be his way of enthusiastically greeting you. Perhaps he hasn't seen you in a while and can't contain his giddiness. You have a fan in your little pet birdie.

Pure Contentment and Joy

Frequent chirping in a parakeet may be a sign of absolute contentment, according to the Humane Society of the United States. If your sweet budgie is feeling good -- all is fine and dandy around her -- she may chirp as a way of showing her contentment to the world. You may hear a lot more chirping with multiple budgies, as the birds are social creatures who thrive group environments. Happy chirping is typically more prevalent during mealtime and grooming activities.

Seeking Your Attention

Excessive chirping may point to a parakeet's desire for your acknowledgement and attention, plain and simple. If your parakeet chirps whenever you come into view -- and perhaps when you do not -- he may be communicating to you that he wants you, whether to hold a conversation or because he wants you to pick him up, feed him a yummy vegetable treat or anything else. The point is, your pet bird probably wants something from you. You should be spending personal time daily with each of your pet birds. If you're not doing so, start. Excessive noise will stop if the bird's no longer feeling neglected.

Squawking and Chirping

When a parakeet chirps, squawks and perhaps screams in combination, assume something is amiss. Your parakeet may be upset about something, whether it's with a repetitive sound that he keeps hearing, the other bird living in his cage or something else.


A parakeet's frequent chirping can be a simple display of his singing voice. If you have the radio on, you may just hear your pet singing along to some of his favorite tunes.

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