Signs & Symptoms of Lower Sugar Levels in Cats

If your cat seems zapped of energy, he may be hypoglycemic.
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Low blood sugar levels are a common complication of diabetes mellitus, a disorder that often affects geriatric cats. The condition is known as hypoglycemia and isn't exclusive to diabetic cats, however. Keep your eyes open for any warning signs of the problem -- from coordination issues to appetite loss.

Appetite Changes

If you observe any unusual appetite patterns in your fluff ball, hypoglycemia could be a possibility. Your cat may bizarrely have no appetite at all, a far cry from her usual behavior. On the other hand, she may display uncharacteristic voracious hunger, eating significantly more than normal. Don't dismiss any strange appetite changes in your pet.


If your usually lively and energetic cat just seems to be a shell of her former self, something is definitely up. Lower blood sugar levels often cause cats to feel unusually exhausted and lethargic. Apart from the major drop in energy, your precious kitty may may also exhibit overall bodily weakness.

Coordination Issues

Coordination issues in your pet may also be associated with low sugar levels. Your pet's walk may have a wobbly and unbalanced look to it. She may even come across like she's slightly tipsy -- poor thing.


If you see your fluff ball shivering like she's freezing cold -- even if it's sweltering hot outside -- don't rule out hypoglycemia. Tremors are a common symptom of the condition.


Look out for abnormally restless behavior in your cat. She may be acting especially antsy, pacing in circles throughout your entire home, with no obvious goal or destination in mind.


If your cat is suffering from hypoglycemia, she may just seem out of it. Her whole aura might come across as disoriented and confused. She may even seem unfamiliar with normal everyday things -- such as the location of her food and water bowls in your home. You may notice your pet meowing and yowling excessively, too.

Vision Problems

Blurry vision is frequently linked with low blood sugar levels in felines. As a result of vision problems, your cat's eyes may take on a glassy, faraway or blank look, and it may seem like she's gazing off into nothing all day.


If your pet falls to the ground, becomes unconscious and enters into a coma, it is possibly a very dangerous sign of hypoglycemia. Do not hesitate to seek emergency veterinary attention in these situations -- your cat's life could be on the line. In the event of any sign of low blood sugar levels, contact a veterinarian. No symptom is too insignificant for medical attention. Your sweet kitty is counting on you.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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