Should You Litter Train a Yorkie Poo or Go Outside?

Yorkie poos are darling little creatures that can bring a great deal of enjoyment to your life. Known for being smart and relatively easy to train, a little time and attention can help you establish a housebreaking routine that works best for you.

Your Lifestyle

Litter box training is a great alternative for people who live in condos, apartments or who are away from home a lot. Litter box training makes for easy cleanup and reduced smell. However, if you're home frequently or you like to take your Yorkie poo out for regular walks, runs or trips to the park, outdoor training might be more suitable for your lifestyle.

Housebreaking Outside

Get into the habit of taking your Yorkie poo outside to go to the bathroom after he wakes up from sleeping, or about 10 or 15 minutes after he has a meal or drinks a lot of water. Keep an eye on him when he starts to exhibit “gotta go” signs such as sniffing around or starting to squat. When you take your pup outside, make it a business-oriented trip and don't play around; instead, encourage your pup to get down to business. Reward all efforts for using the potty in the right place with a special treat or snack.

Housebreaking Inside

The Yorkie poo is small in stature, so training him to a litter box is much easier than training a larger breed dog. If you have a male Yorkie poo, make sure you use a litter box with high sides, preferably in a corner, to accommodate leg lifting. Take him to his litter box just as you would if you were taking him outside for bathroom breaks and reward him for doing his deed where he’s supposed to.

Clean Up Accidents

If your pup has an accident outside his litter box, clean it with an enzymatic cleaner to remove all traces of smell. This will prevent your Yorkie poo from using the same inappropriate spot over and over again. Don't yell at your pup or hit him if he has an accident. It could make him fear and mistrust you.

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