How Often Should You Give a Boxer Puppy a Bath?

Rub your boxer pup with a chamois cloth to enhance her coat's shine.
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If you're looking for a pooch who needs minimal bathing, you'll hit pay dirt if you select a boxer dog. With a coat that's relatively clean and maintenance-free, even if your pup indulges in a mud puddle now and again, you can expect bath time to be infrequent at best.

Non-Bathing Beauty

A boxer dog is a real looker, but not necessarily a bathing beauty. It is not unheard of for a full-grown boxer to go several months without a bath -- her short, sleek coat stays clean through her daily, cat-style licking techniques. A boxer pup is no exception; you should bathe her as infrequently as possible to preserve the natural oils on her coat. A good rule of thumb is every six weeks, according to Kathy Salzberg, Certified Master Groomer.

Where and How

Get your pup accustomed to any grooming process at a young age so she won't put up a stink later on in life. Bathe your boxer pup ASAP if she has a run-in with a cow pie, a skunk or a mud puddle. Beyond that, it's not necessary to schedule a routine beauty treatment for your wash-and-wear fur child. When you want to give her a bath, do so inside in a toasty bathroom or on a hot day in the sun. Wet her coat with warm water -- not hot, not cold -- then rub a veterinarian-approved, gentle soap into her coat. Rinse all residue off completely. It's important to keep her nice and warm during the process. Towel dry thoroughly.

Wipe and Go

Because slobber, food and all sorts of goop can find its way to your boxer's face like a magnet, her short muzzle and flappy flews will benefit from a daily face wash with a warm washcloth dampened with water. Gently wipe between the folds on her muzzle and under the dewlaps -- those hangy-down parts under her chin. If you don't, expect a smelly kiss, courtesy of all that dried saliva. While you're at it, wipe her soft, pink ear leather to inspect for ear mites and keep the area clean.

Health Considerations

Talk to your vet about how often you should give your boxer puppy a bath. If your dog suffers from skin issues that cause odors, such as allergies, the vet will want to treat her for those underlying conditions. After all, a bottle of doggie shampoo can only go so far in covering up a case of stink dog.

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