Shedding Times for Boxers

Boxers shed their short hair year-round.
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Your boxer's short coat may make him appear to be low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, when in reality he is a constantly-shedding, hair-producing machine. His shed short hair also is more resistant to typical hair picker-uppers, and you'll soon find it just about everywhere in your home.

Year-Round Hair Loss

Dog owners generally resign themselves to the fact that twice a year their homes will be covered in a fine layer of hair as their furry friends shed their coats. Boxer owners aren't immune to regular canine hair loss, but instead of dealing with it only during the spring and fall, the battle with wayward, loose dog hair lasts all year long.

Minimize Shedding

The only sure-fire way to prevent your boxer from shedding is to remove the hair before it ends up all over your home to begin with. However, most salons will object if you bring your pooch in for a full-body wax (just kidding . . . do not actually attempt to wax your dog). The best way to minimize the amount of hair you find in your couch, carpet and everywhere else is to brush your boxer regularly to remove the loose hair before it becomes airborne. Go over your big boy at least once a week with a bristle brush, and shine his coat with a chamois cloth.


Despite their size, and very dog-like appearance and personalities, boxers are very similar to cats in the way they groom. You may walk in to find your dog licking himself much in the way a cat would to clean. This helps remove dead hair and lessen the amount that eventually ends up on your couch. If your boxer seems particularly dirty or smelly, give him a bath using dog shampoo. Bathing him too often can remove the natural oils in his skin, and leave him dry and itchy, so do so only when he needs it, or no more than once a month or so.

Cleaning Up

Even with all your preventive maintenance, and despite your hard work, you'll find your boxer's hair has snuck into your closet, onto your car seats and embedded into your curtains. Because your boxer's hair is short, wayward strands tend to resist typical hair removal methods, such as wiping with a wet cloth or simple vacuuming. Invest in lots of sticky roller lint brushes to remove the embedded hair effectively, and try vacuuming regularly to pick up as much hair as possible before it becomes too attached to your carpeting.

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