Sewing Patterns to Make Dog Coats

"Don't I look dapper in this coat my mom made for me?"
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Sewing a pattern to make your dog a coat is a manageable project you can take on whether you're a seasoned seamstress or a novice. It won't take much of your time and in the end Nipsy will have a fashionable coat to wear in chilly weather.

Step 1

Measure your dog's back from the base of his neck to the base of his tail using the tape measure. Compare this measurement to the back of the pattern package to see what size coat you should make for Nipsy.

Step 2

Select the pattern pieces you need for your dog's specific size of coat, according to the pattern package. There should be a main coat piece and a belly strap. Some patterns may include a separate neck piece similar to the belly strap, but shorter in length.

Step 3

Fold the material in half with the selvage edges together. This will give you a doubled-up piece with the cut edges on either end. Fold the lining material in the same way.

Step 4

Lay the folded coat material on top of the lining material. Match all the edges so that the folded edge of the coat material is on top of the folded edge of the lining, the selvage edges match up, and the cut edges match up.

Step 5

Lay the pattern pieces out on the material according to the diagram on the package. Secure the pieces in place with the straight pins, making sure they go all the way through both materials.

Step 6

Cut the pattern pieces out of the materials with the scissors, following the edges of the paper pattern as a guide. This will give you two of each of the pattern pieces: one from the lining and one from the coat material.

Step 7

Place the lining pieces with their matching coat pieces, putting the right sides together and matching all edges evenly. Pin them in place with the straight pins.

Step 8

Sew the edges of the pattern pieces all the way around on the sewing machine, leaving a 2-inch opening between your starting point and your ending point on each piece.

Step 9

Turn each sewn piece inside out. This will bring the right sides of the fabric to the outside.

Step 10

Tuck the raw edges of material on the open edge of each coat piece to the inside and sew the opening closed with the sewing machine. It may be helpful to insert straight pins in the material at the openings to keep the edges in place.

Step 11

Lay the coat piece on a flat surface with the lining side down. Position the belly strap in place at the half-way point on the side of the coat. The length of the strap will be laid across the coat so that the edge of the strap is even with the edge of the side of the coat. Your pattern instructions may give a specific location or measurement as to the specific positioning of the belly strap, but you can use the tape measure to determine the half-way point.

Step 12

Sew the belly strap to the side of the coat with the sewing machine.

Step 13

Put the coat on your dog and pull the belly strap into place, using the fabric marker to mark where the button should be sewn on the coat and where the buttonhole should go on the strap. Pull the collar closed around Nipsy's neck without pulling it uncomfortably tight and mark one side of the collar to note where the button should go and the other side where the buttonhole should go.

Step 14

Use the buttonhole setting on the sewing machine to sew a buttonhole in the free end of the belly strap where you marked it, as well as on the collar where it is marked.

Step 15

Sew the buttons into place on the collar and the side of the coat with a needle and thread.

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