Are Rottweilers Born With Markings?

Rottweilers tend to have low-maintenance coats.
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Rottweilers are sturdy working canines of moderate to large build. Their origins lie in Germany, where they worked closely alongside cattle, herding and guarding them. Rottweilers are common companion pets who adore humans and having lots of tasks to accomplish.

The Rottweiler

Adult male Rottweilers generally weigh between 85 and 135 pounds. They are a little bigger than female Rottweilers, who typically tip the scales between 80 and 100 pounds. Their average mature male height is between 24 and 27 inches, beginning at their shoulders. For females, that range is 22 to 25 inches. Rottweilers are extremely sporty dogs who do well with frequent, energetic exercise sessions. Physical fitness isn't these dogs' only requirement. They flourish with lots of attention and interplay from the people in their lives -- every single day of the week. As far as new people go, Rottweilers are usually on the reticent and careful side -- not overly friendly.

Adult Markings

Adult Rottweilers are known for having thick and extremely short fur. Their fur is mostly black, although they also have prominent markings that are either reddish-brown or beige -- a classic trademark of the breed.

Newborn Markings

Most newborn Rottweilers are born with their famous lighter markings, in areas all over their bodies. Some wee Rottweilers, however, start out mostly black only to have their markings gradually make their big introductions sometime during the first few weeks of their existences. Rottweilers all have markings by their eyes. Young Rottweilers with especially prominent markings in that location often develop into adults with particularly sizable body markings -- hints of their future appearances.

Coat Texture

Coat coloration is another key identifying trait in Rottweiler puppies. Puppies of this breed often possess dense coats with just a subtle suggestion of soft airiness. Some of these little cuties have extremely short coats that hold close to their bodies. Rottweilers don't have particularly time-consuming grooming requirements, either as puppies or as adults. If you own a Rottweiler, make sure to brush his coat once a week or so to pull out any dead hairs that might still be floating around.

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