Where to Rescue Yorkie Puppies

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It might be hard to imagine that the fluff ball with paws called the Yorkshire terrier could wind up in an animal shelter or rescue agency. But it happens. For one reason or another, Yorkies of all ages, even the cute and energetic puppies, wind up in need of homes.

Animal Shelter

Government and privately run shelters take in every type of dog, including purebreds. It may take a while to find a Yorkie puppy in a general animal shelter, but most of these shelters keep waiting lists for people looking for a dog of a particular breed. The turnover rate at such shelters is usually high, with multiple dogs coming in every day. A Yorkie puppy rescued from an animal shelter may come without any background information, but adopting him will be saving his life.

General or Small-Breed Rescue Group

Rescue groups take in animals that are at risk of being euthanized at a shelter, as well as those that come directly from owners. They often assist in rescue of dogs that have been neglected or abandoned. Like animal shelters, rescue groups for small breeds or for breeds of all types may not have Yorkie puppies available readily but usually keep a waiting list and will contact you when one is available. One advantage of adopting a Yorkie puppy from a rescue group is that such groups often keep their dogs in foster homes rather than in kennels. This gives volunteers time to do basic obedience training and learn about each puppy's personality to help match you with the right one.

Yorkie Rescue Group

Yorkie rescue groups are dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for unwanted Yorkies. It may be easier to find a Yorkie puppy with a breed-specific group, but a Yorkie-specific rescue operation may not exist near you. Some travel may be necessary. Older Yorkie dogs are primarily surrendered to these rescues, but puppies from neglect cases, puppy mills and breeders having financial difficulties are sometimes turned over to these rescue groups. Like general rescue groups, Yorkie rescues often home puppies with foster families and are able to offer some insight into a puppy's training and personality.


While breeders generally sell dogs rather than rescue and adopt them, responsible breeders may also assist in rescues. They may take in abandoned Yorkie puppies when a shelter or rescue group is overrun, or they may foster dogs and puppies from owners who are unable to take care of them. If they do not have rescue puppies available, they may be able to put you in touch with local and national rescue groups or other breeders that work with rescue groups.

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