How to Remove Tangles from Shih Tzu Hair

Keep her locks looking their best with regular grooming.
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Shih tzus are known for their beautiful, flowing, two-layer coat. Unfortunately, keeping those locks soft and tangle-free can prove to be a pain. With a bit of patience and persistence you can keep her looking as glamorous as she deserves.

Step 1

Set your shih tzu on your lap and pet her to get her comfortable. A squirmy dog can prove to be quite difficult to groom. Offer praise and a treat for good behavior.

Step 2

Mist a detangling spray on a small section of your little lady’s fur. Not only will the detangler help with the tangles, it will also keep the coat nice and soft. You can make your own detangling solution with a spray bottle of water and a teaspoon or so of detangling conditioner, and then shake well.

Step 3

Use your fingers to free loose, small mats and tangles from the fur. Then comb through from the skin outward with a pin brush. Be gentle.

Step 4

Grab a steel comb, de-matting comb, or pin brush for tighter knots. Gently pick at each one with the edge of the comb. Take your time until you detangle the trouble spot.

Step 5

Comb the area you were working on when you have conquered that tangle. Move on to the next.

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