How to Remove Brown Stains From the Eyes of a Bichon Frise

Do not let tear stains mar this adorable face.
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Your bichon frise is a beautiful dog, and you do not want that beauty marred by anything. Unfortunately, tear stains make your baby look sick and may lead people to think she has an infection in her eyes. Tear stains can be removed and in some cases even prevented.

Step 1

Combine equal amounts of milk of magnesia and hydrogen peroxide in a small dish. Use only small amounts of each, as it does not take much.

Step 2

Sprinkle corn starch into the mixture a little at a time, mixing as you add. Once you have added enough to form a paste-like texture, it is complete.

Step 3

Massage the mixture into the tear stains. Leave it in place for four hours before rinsing off with warm water.

Step 4

Bathe her in warm water with a mild shampoo. Follow up with conditioner, especially around the eyes. Repeat the whole process daily until the stains are gone. If it takes more than three days, repeat every other day.

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