Remedy to Calm an Anxious Cat When the Owner Is Away

Like dogs, cats often feel anxious when left alone for days.

Like dogs, cats often feel anxious when left alone for days.

Cats are famously independent creatures, but that in no way means that they aren't vulnerable to feelings of separation anxiety, just like canines. If you go away for a week-long vacation, you may just come back to a lonely and nervous cat who hasn't eaten in days -- yikes.

Create a positive link with the suitcase. Cats notice anything new, and the sight of a conspicuously large suitcase is by no means an exception. If your cat starts panicking at the sight of you packing your bags, train her brain to look at the situation as a good one. Throw a little catnip-stuffed toy into your suitcase while you're packing your things. Instead of viewing your suitcase as an item of abject terror, she may instead attach it with feelings of joy. With that, you're already off to a good start for kitty while you're away!

Turn the television on. If your precious pet is wracked by feelings of anxiety while you're gone, a little background noise might be just what the doctor ordered. The radio also works wonders. If the little one is used to you always being around, a too-quiet home may be anxiety-inducing. The simple little trick may just make your cat feel like she has company around her.

Jazz up your kitty's surroundings. Keep your cat's mind off her anxiety and stress while you're gone by giving her environment a major upgrade. Establish an easily accessible and scenic back window perch so she can enjoy the outdoor scenery and chirping birds while you're away. Buy her a couple of exciting new interactive toys -- think laser flash balls and feather wands. Play hide and seek involving food. Before you leave, hide yummy treats all throughout your home for your fluff ball to discover when you're gone.

Call your kitty on the telephone while you're gone. Your cat obviously recognizes your voice very well, so take a couple of minutes to leave her a cozy answering machine message. The familiar sound of your voice will likely perk her up and keep her going until she can welcome you back home again -- phew!

Items you will need

  • Catnip-stuffed toy
  • Various interactive toys
  • Television or radio
  • Answering machine
  • Treats


  • Keep it casual. If you make your time away from home dramatic, your intuitive cat will sense it. Avoid the chaos by keeping things as relaxed and mellow as possible. Don't throw everything you're packing into a heap on the floor, for example. Don't be a weeping, emotional mess when you say goodbye. Keep your cat's environment as normal and stable as possible. Make your cat think there's absolutely no reason to be upset, because there isn't!


  • Anxiety isn't always linked to separation and loneliness issues. It sometimes can be a sign of other medical conditions in felines. To be sure that your pet isn't suffering from a health ailment, take her to the veterinarian for a checkup as soon as possible.

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