Recommended Dog Foods for Boston Terriers

Bostons have a sunny disposition.
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Your "American Gentleman," so nicknamed for his dapper appearance, is a friendly, lively dog with an excellent disposition. Your Boston terrier is devoted to you, so you want to make the best choices for him. Bostons need food that gives them energy, that keeps them slim -- and prevents gas.


Because of their energy level, Bostons need a dog food that contains adequate amounts of lean protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The amino acids from protein are important for growth and body function. Premium dog food derives its protein from lean meats such as lamb, fish, and poultry. Cheaper dog foods use animal byproducts such as animal intestines, necks, and heads. Fat supplies a concentrated supply of energy and helps maintain a healthy coat and skin. Carbohydrates provide the bulk of energy. Premium dog foods contain oats, barley, and brown rice.


Bostons release gas often. The grains used in cheaper dog foods -- especially corn and wheat -- promote more gas in your dog. Some owners prefer to feed their Bostons a diet of meat, potato, and rice that they create themselves. A number of premium dog foods contain sweet potato, carrots, brown rice, and white fish. Avoid foods with artificial ingredients, chemicals and fillers. Look for natural ingredients and low fiber content. You will be happier with the results, and your Boston will be healthier.


Because your Boston has a good appetite, it’s easy for him to overeat. The cheaper dog foods contain high levels of grains and therefore high amounts of carbohydrates. With cheap foods, your pooch needs more quantity to get her required nutrients. She enjoys eating more but the result is an overweight pup, which can lead to health risks. Bostons are prone to heart disease, so maintaining weight is important. Diabetes develops more often in overweight dogs, as well.


Dry food or kibble works best for your Boston's teeth. In fact, some manufacturers formulate dry foods that help reduce plaque and tartar. Choose small bite-size kibble rather than large kibble as Bostons have short jaws. They can chew smaller kibble more easily. Because Bostons tend to be sensitive to certain ingredients, you may have to experiment with brands before you find the one that works best for you.

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