Healthy Homemade Food for Yorkie Terriers

Stylish Yorkies benefit from eating healthy homemade food.
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A Yorkie terrier's health and well-being is directly influenced by what he eats. For that reason, homemade food equals a healthy diet ... and a healthy diet equals a healthy, happy and trim pup. To provide a wholesome diet for your Yorkie, simply include the following food types into each meal.


Dogs are carnivores (meat-eaters) and according to All About Yorkshire Terriers, a dog's diet should include 25-30 percent protein. While store-bought dog foods typically contain adequate protein, some Yorkies have sensitive stomachs and cannot tolerate the additional ingredients, like byproducts, contained in these sources. Thoroughly-cooked meat, chicken and turkey are better, especially if they come from antibiotic-free, organic or grass-fed animals. Other proteins can include cottage cheese--preferable to hard cheese that can cause pancreatitis--and fish.

Fats & Carbohydrates

For energy, dogs need about 5 percent fat in their diet. While meat is a prime source, you can add a teaspoon of wheat-germ or flax oil to your Yorkie's food to give him more energy and help keep his coat soft and shiny. Besides fat, a dog's diet should include 45 percent carbohydrate, which provides energy and fiber. Healthy sources include rice (brown is best), sweet potatoes, and barley. Some Yorkies are wheat-intollerant.

Fruits & Vegetables

Like humans, dogs get vitamins and minerals from eating fruits and vegetables. Your Yorkie will let you know which ones he prefers. Cooking veggies helps your pup digest more fiberous choices such as broccoli, legumes, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Warning: Never feed your dog onions or garlic, which can seriously damage red blood cells; avocado, which contains the deadly toxin persin; and grapes, raisins and currents, which can cause kidney failure or even death.


Yorkies can be finicky eaters, so you'll have to see which homemade foods your pup prefers. However, make sure each meal consists of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, and some vegetables or fruit. And since Yorkies can suffer from hypoglycemia, a drop in blood sugar, you'll want to make sure to feed at least 3 small meals a day to keep blood sugars level. Spreading meals out may also alleviate stomach upsets, which some Yorkies experience.

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