Reasons Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs

Cats rule -- at least you think so.
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If you tell a dog lover that cats make better pets, be prepared to lose your best friend or be served with divorce papers. Arm yourself with the indisputable facts first -- and you'll have a better chance of winning the argument that cats are indeed the preferred furry companion.

Cats Won't Maul Your Guests

It always happens when you invite a guest for dinner that you hope to impress -- your boss, a date or mother-in-law. The moment the visitor steps through the door, Fido excitedly jumps all over them. You repeatedly order Fido to "get down," but it's no use. Your guest's clothes may become covered with muddy paw prints and dog hair, and you're left feeling mortified. A cat, on the other hand, would never stoop to such over-the-top displays of affection. She'll respect your visitor's personal space and remain discreetly out-of-sight, while sizing them up from under the living room couch or perched on a windowsill.

Cats Have Immaculate Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is not on top of a pooch's lists of priorities. You can give a dog a million baths and spray him with doggy cologne, but his distinct odor never seems to go away. He could care less when he's playing outside that he's rolling around in piles of dirt and garbage, and he'll happily remain filthy and smelly. But cats, both wild and domestic, spend up to one-third of their time self-grooming, according to Animal Planet. No, your kitty doesn't have obsessive-compulsive disorder -- being a clean freak comes naturally and is essential for her health, feeling of well-being and hygiene.

Silence is Golden

Constant "meowing" is beneath a cat's dignity. She's learned that she's taken more seriously if she saves her precious "meows" for when she really needs to get your attention, such as when she's hungry or wishes to go outside. Fido is a hysteric who barks at pretty much everything -- the mailman, children walking past your house on their way to school, a police siren, a harmless butterfly, other dogs and pedestrians, causing distress to both your family and the neighbors. Your cat will always respect your need for quiet to practice the violin, write the great American novel or meditate on world peace.

Cats are Cheaper than Exterminators

When was the last time Fido caught a mouse in your basement? That's right -- never. Mice, chipmunks, rats and even certain insects are history once a cat moves in. Rodents don't want to share any home where a hunting feline resides, so will move elsewhere. Rodents can also carry certain disease, so the pussycat could possibly save your life. OK, so it may not be pleasant when your cat drops a dead, bloody mouse at your feet in the morning -- but it's really her gift to show how much she loves you. So thank her for a job well done.

Cats Don't Need to Be Walked

It doesn't matter if there's a tornado, hurricane, blizzard, alien invasion or a serial killer on the loose in your neigthborhood, Fido still needs to be taken outside for a walk to do his business. On the other hand, you'll be safe indoors during the zombie apocalypse if you own a cat -- when the independent feline needs to relieve herself, she'll simply retreat to her litter box without inconveniencing you.

Where to Find This Perfect Pet

Consider adopting your new pussycat from a rescue center or animal shelter, which could save her life. Up to 7 million cats and dogs arrive in animal shelters in the United States each year -- 70 percent of the 4 million who are eventually euthanized are cats. You can even find some purebred cats in shelters. Adopting from a rescue center or shelter is also much cheaper than buying a cat from a shop.

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